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Promotional SMS

Deliver promotional texts for as many customers as needed.

Viber Messages

Deliver instant personal up to 1000 characters messages with pictures and URLs via Viber app.


Sign-Up Verification

The solution to boost customer sign-up success and prevent sing-up fraud for any kind of online merchandise: from apps to web stores. PIN codes may be generated both on our and client’s sides. There are at least 3 verification options which may be combined in any way:

Flash Calls

Users are verified as quick as lighting: the app will get a phone call and will automatically sign up a new user. In other cases, users need to type in 4 last signs of the incoming phone number.


During this type of verification, a user gets a call in which a PIN code is being spoken out.


A one-time PIN code is sent by SMS.

Phone Number Check

Checks if the phone number is valid and reachable. More than 99% suspicious attempts are blocked before the sign-up.

3-Way Verification SDK/API

You can use our SDK or API to implement verification as soon as possible. To check prices and technical information please visit


Action Verification

Authentication SMS (one-time passwords)

Two-Factor Authentication



A one-time PIN code is sent by SMS to prove the transaction. The choice for banking SMS delivery.


with Customer

Application to Person SMS

Application to Person texts allows sending customers passwords, transactional messages, confirmations, alerts and promo texts.

Two-Way SMS

Various interactive scripts for votes, surveys, quizzes, etc. to manage communication with customers.


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