Oct 1, 2019

Wangiri 2.0 Threat: Gain an Insight with Discovery by LANCK Telecom

Being true anti-fraud activists and blocking up to 50 attacks per day, we constantly keep an eye on telecom fraudsters and their behavior. Our efforts and commitment paid off as recently we have discovered a new type of fraud very similar to Wangiri. The only difference is the affected party: instead of telcos being outplayed, the real victim here is the enterprise client. We call this type of fraud Wangiri 2.0.

Simply put, Wangiri 2.0 fraudsters exploit voice services rendered to enterprises & brands by telcos. Internet bots fill out contact forms with international and premium rate numbers. As a result, enterprises and brands use voice services (e.g. for call centers and voice messages) priced at exorbitant rates. Telecom operators would often say that these are natural expenses and that the service has been fully rendered.

Sadly, international financial organizations, online shops, client support departments and many more regularly fall victim to this type of fraud.

We understand the utter importance of brand-to-customer interaction and “talk-and-listen” attitude when catering for client needs. That is why we strongly advocate for safer communication for enterprises without worrying about potential fraudsters.

Committed to building mutual trust within the industry and making it fraud-free, we have developed tools to suppress all kinds of voice traffic fraud, including Wangiri 2.0.

All our current and future partners are welcome to connect to our voice traffic protection system. You can integrate it remotely via API, using our web interface or host the Fraud Management System directly within your IT infrastructure.

We would love to hear your feedback. Please contact us at fms@lancktele.com to request access to the Fraud Management System and send your questions.