Fraud Management Webinar

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Why Should I Attend?

The webinar is over. If you would like to know more about our fraud management solution,
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  • What is FMS

    Get an overview of our Fraud Management solution and its most notable features.

  • A how-to guide

    Understand how to work with FMS and set up rules for fraud alerting and protection.

  • Why shoud you use FMS

    Learn how the system can help you avoid losses caused by fraud. Cases included.

  • Market trends

    Find out about telecom industry needs and how our solution meets them.

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Igor Skutsenya combines years of experience in the telecom industry. He has been involved in many sectors including management, business development, finance & international initiatives. At LANCK Igor works as RCS Team Leader & Fraud Management system assistant project manager. He is an active public speaker in areas of telecom fraud management, voice business protection & new developments with anti-fraud solutions. Igor has presented international projects & initiatives at multiple events including GCCM CIS, Telecoms World, GSMA FASG, and CFCA.

Webinar structure
  1. Introduction
    • What is a Fraud Management System
    • Real-time analysis & action
    • Machine Learning
    • Customization to fit your needs
    • Easy to integrate
    • Cases
  2. Overview of interface and functions
    • Dashboard
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Behavioral Analysis
    • Custom Rules
    • Enterprise Protection
    • Blacklist & Whitelist
  3. Alerts & Reports – setup for antifraud team, function manager, CXO
  4. Market trends and our solution that fits them
  5. Questions

If the proposed day and time are not convenient for you, you are welcome to reach us at, so that we could contact you and schedule an e-meeting.