Omnichannel Messaging Platform
For Business

Deliver transactional and promotional messages to your customers all over the world,
increase customer loyalty and get higher returns.






messages annually

Use multiple channels to communicate with clients anywhere anytime
Provide true omnichannel experience and take engagement to a new level by communicating with customers via the channels
they prefer. Stay connected with clients at any time and keep them engaged to improve communications and reduce churn.

SMS messaging

Send messages via the channel with the best open rate. Perfect for time-sensitive alerts that should be delivered and read ASAP. SMS can be used as an ultimate fallback option for other channels. 2-way SMS messaging supported.

Push notifications

Add an engaging and interactive messaging channel to your Android or iOS app. The cheapest option for instant communication. Boost your app engagement, measure performance and increase user activity.

RCS messaging

Join the future of communications through your native messaging app. Use rich media such as images, audio, QR codes and interactive buttons to deliver contextual messages and improve customer satisfaction.

Chat apps

Reach clients in the messaging apps they already use. Get closer to customers and solve their problems in their native communication environment. Choose from multiple chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and VK.

Complex mobile marketing helps to:

Reduce churn rate by 19%

Customers are far less likely to drop off if you engage them and cater for their needs, sending the right message with the right offer.

Cut sending costs by 47%

Use the cheapest delivery method first, providing an SMS fallback in case the message can’t be delivered via other channels.

Increase the number of active users by 32%

Some of your existing customers are “sleeping”. Reengage them with personalized messaging and turn them into loyal clients.

Our solutions provide powerful tools for timely and cost-effective communications.
Build your own customer journey with our enterprise platform and multiple delivery options.

Global coverage

Deliver your messages to 190+ countries of the world. Hundreds of direct-to-carrier connections and multiple partners all over the globe.

Flexible pricing

Multiple pricing & payment options to meet your needs. Pay-as-you-go, volume discounts & commited use. Transparent billing and no hidden fees.

2-way messaging

Let your customers start conversations and respond to your messages. Use it to solve clients’ problems, ask questions and get user feedback.

A single platform

We are your all-in-one partner for unified communications. No stand-alone programs needed, just one web-based platform to send your messages over multiple channels.

Phone Number Lookup

Check customers’ phone numbers and update your number base to optimize SMS delivery.

Continuous messaging flow

Build your own delivery sequence for maximum cost efficiency. Provide SMS fallback option in case the message is not delivered over other channels.


Special offer for Yclients customers
Yclients is an online all-in-one automation platform for booking, scheduling, finance and client relationship management.
As their partner, we offer special terms for Yclients users who want to leverage SMS messaging for customer engagement.
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Use Cases
Leverage omnichannel messaging to:

Boost sales

Send promotional messages with special offers and discounts directly to your customers and get higher returns.

Send Appointments & reminders

Notify your clients about date and time of their visit, reschedule appointments and send them reminders days/hours before the visit.

Deliver Order status

Inform customers on every step of their purchase from order placement and payment to “ready for pickup” or shipping status.

Inform clients on Banking transactions

Notify customers every time they make a payment, transfer funds, withdraw money or deposit cash.

We guarantee traffic delivery

As an international carrier, LANCK Telecom cooperates with leading telecommunication providers in every region of the globe and provides exceptional voice and SMS traffic quality.