Multi Roaming Solutions

Global roaming services with mobile data, voice & SMS
tailored to your needs


International Roaming with LANCK Telecom
With 20+ years experience at the telecom market, we will provide best global roaming solutions and grow your network and reach.


We offer roaming services for 216 countries and 465 networks


We utilize classic communication technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE)


Our roaming suite includes Mobile Data, Voice and SMS


We offer all modern package options available: SIM, eSIM, Profile (IMSI)

Advantages of working with us for:


  • Fast rollout of roaming services
  • Preserving the original caller ID
  • Additional numbering (additional numbers for subscribers, calling rates reduction)
  • Statistics & reporting


  • Fast rollout of roaming services
  • Preserving the original caller ID
  • Roaming deployment in selected countries
  • Roaming deployment in different regions
  • Additional numbering (additional numbers for subscribers, calling rates reduction)

Light MVNO / Mobile Apps

  • SIM, eSIM, Profile (IMSI)
  • Creation and accounting of unique tariff plans for end users
  • Access to our billing via API


  • More than two networks in the country
  • Flexible network selection algorithm adjusted to your needs (Price / quality priority)
Your personal plan
All world: we offer customized plans globally for 216 countries of the world
Russia – we are the only company ready to provide eSIM in Russia
All Europe types: regulated (EU), not regulated (e.g.: Albania, Montenegro, etc.), CIS countries
Why choose us

How can we help a client?

  • We will improve the quality and coverage of roaming in each country thanks to our wide range of networks
  • We will help you cover all needs related to eSIM, IMSI, SIM-cards – you don’t need to look for separate for the company who produced and who works with IMSI plans
  • We will save your time, as you will only receive your DCH statistics
  • We have user-friendly and flexible eSIM management control center

Why are we better than competitors?

  • We are a flexible tech company offering global coverage
  • We offer not only IMSI, but also SIM & eSIM packaging
  • We fill in the applet along with the card, as we manufacture the card itself
  • We customize the applet to switch by target: lowest price / best quality date, etc.
  • Custom price plans for end subscribers (with separate billing)
  • Convenient API for clients
  • Our eSIM are compatible with all kinds of corporate products, travelling, day to day usage and IoT products and solutions
You are in good hands with us
Since 2001, we provided wholesale voice & termination, routing and roaming services to hundreds of MNOs, MVNOs, CPAAS & PBX providers, call centers and other companies. Join other businesses profiting from our wide coverage, competitive rates & premium quality of service and become our new trusted partner.


As an international carrier, LANCK Telecom cooperates with leading telecommunication providers in every region of the globe and provides exceptional voice, SMS & mobile data.