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Use our platform to communicate with customers, send promotional messages to different segments of your audience and protect your company from telecom fraud attacks

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User Authentication
Fraud protection
Send promotional and transactional messages to your clients, increase brand loyalty and get higher returns. Connect with your customers anywhere anytime.
  • Promotional messages

    Promote your products and services. Tell your clients about special offers, upcoming sales or giveaways.

  • Transactional messages

    Notify customers in response to their actions with template-based messages. Send booking confirmations, delivery statuses, transaction notices and more. Interact with clients via 2-way messaging.


    Communicate with your customers by voice. Premium quality voice services for call centers, conference calls, PBX and OTT.

  • Deliver your messages via
    Send alerts and notifications via the channel with the best open rate.
    Notifications for mobile apps on Android and iOS.
    Communicate with customers using Whatsapp, Viber, VK and more.
    Join the future of mobile messaging with multimedia, payment and interactional messages through a native messaging app.
Send one-time passwords to authenticate your users and verify their actions. Make the registration process easier and improve sign-up rates. A reliable and fraud-resistant way to improve the security of your system.
  • SMS verification

    A classic verification channel. Deliver one-time SMS codes to authenticate clients.

  • Voice message

    Users receive an incoming call: A robot pronounces a password several times.

  • OTT verification
    The most cost-effective verification solution. Send one-time passwords to your clients via the internet using over-the-top services. Authenticate users via messengers, chat apps, social networks and other channels. Unlike SMS, over-the-top services don't have strict character limits, thus allowing for longer messages and clearer instructions.
Methods can be combined in any order to create a continuous
verification flow.
There will always be someone who tries to use your service at your expense. Be proactive and protect your business from fraud before it happens.
  • Phone number check

    We check the phone number at the sign-up stage and decide whether to allow the sign-up, block it or allow sign-up and send an alert.

  • Inbound call protection

    Protect your business and call centers from unwanted calls. Filter out marketing, fraudulent and other calls you don't want to receive.


    SMS Firewall protects your business from fraudsters who generate false SMS requests. We make sure your SMS services are only used with the right intentions.

  • Outbound call protection
    We alert the caller if they're trying to dial a suspicious number. This feature can be integrated by retail carriers and calling services to protect their customers from fraud. It can also be utilized by call centers to prevent outbound calls to premium and paid numbers left in contact forms by fraudsters.
Fraud is inevitable. But it’s volume can be minimized. We protect you from fraudsters and
help you avoid financial and reputational losses.
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Global coverage

Send messages and verify users in 190+ countries of the world.

20 years’ experience

Since 2001, we have gathered expertise in everything related to Voice, Messaging and Fraud Protection.

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use. No hidden fees or capital expenses.


Create different combinations of delivery methods according to your needs.

Cost efficiency

Save on bulk messaging and user-verification using the best delivery method first.

Fraud protection

Stop fraudsters before they enter your system and do any harm.


Communicating the right message using the right medium will help you retain your customers while keeping them happy and engaged. Bring in the power of complex mobile marketing to cut through the noise and get your message to the client. Our enterprise messaging suite enables you to do just that. Send personalized texts on a global scale, combine various channels and take maximum advantage of business-to-customer communication.

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