Jun 17, 2024

LANCK Telecom Wins “Customer Experience Excellence” Award at CC-Global Awards 2024

Customer Experience Excellence" Award

On June 13 in Berlin, Germany, Carrier Community hosted the awards ceremony attended by over 100 wholesale telecommunications operators and ecosystem partners from around the world. An independent group of telecommunications analysts and industry experts evaluated achievements in each specific category.

We thank the jury and the award organizers for this recognition, which highlights our commitment to high standards of customer service.

With over 21 years of expertise, we deliver comprehensive voice, messaging, and fraud protection solutions, supporting 1500+ partners across 190+ countries. Our state-of-the-art AI-based Fraud Management System (FMS) is central to our customer-focused approach. It ensures security and reliability through real-time, 99.995% accurate detection of voice and SMS fraud. Additionally, both our system and extensive roaming services cover 460+ networks, significantly enhancing user experience by providing seamless and secure communication solutions.

Our customer support services have achieved a 96% satisfaction rate, reflecting our effectiveness in addressing and resolving client inquiries and issues. We employ a sophisticated hybrid model of real-time and postponed monitoring, enabling us to maintain high-quality routes and service standards crucial for uninterrupted operations and client trust. 

Our proactive support framework has reduced trouble ticket resolution times by 6% over the last year, significantly improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This swift response capability ensures minimal disruption and timely assistance for our clients whenever issues arise.

We pride ourselves on being readily available to our clients. Our 24/7 customer support team addresses all issues promptly to ensure uninterrupted service and customer satisfaction.

The strong and trusting relationships we hold with our valued partners have made this award possible. We thank you all and congratulate other winners of this year’s CC-Global Awards – it’s an honor to share this community with you. 

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