Mar 4, 2024

Reflecting on Insight and Innovation: Alexey Yanson’s Interview with GCCM Magazine

We are pleased to announce the release of GCCM Magazine’s new interview featuring Alexey Yanson, Managing Director of LANCK Telecom. The in-depth discussion offers an overview of both the telecom industry and LANCK Telecom’s recent achievements, strategy, and future-focused innovation. 

Alexey Yanson discusses LANCK Telecom’s significant growth, detailing our global expansion, supported by a team living across 39 countries, the evolution of our communication platform, and our rock-solid commitment to anti-fraud innovation.

Also mentioned by Alexey in the interview are LANCK Telecom’s adaptation to changing market dynamics, contribution to industry improvements, and the multiple awards received in 2023 for innovative anti-fraud solutions and telecom services.

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our longstanding partner, the Carrier Community, and, as ever, we thank Wida Schmidt and the team for their insightful feature. Readers, for the complete experience, we invite you to view the interview video.

Alexey’s full interview is also available in the latest issue of GCCM Magazine. Stay in the loop on the latest trends and innovations that shape the telecom industry.