Jan 26, 2024

It’s Official: LANCK Telecom are Experts in AIT/AGT Prevention

It is our great pleasure to announce LANCK Telecom’s recognition as Platinum Winner for the “Best AGT/AIT Fraud Solution” in the Security & Fraud Innovation category at the Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2024, hosted by Juniper Research. This achievement once again highlights our relentless commitment to innovation in the industry.

Leading AGT/AIT Expertise

LANCK Telecom’s AGT/AIT prevention expertise goes beyond standard Fraud Management Systems. We actively study and educate the industry about AGT/AIT fraud, providing both our AI technology and decades of experience and insights through our consistent involvement at leading industry associations and workgroups.

In an industry often reliant on manual or semi-automatic tools, our AI stands out. We efficiently spot and intercept sophisticated fraud scenarios early, performing complex detection tasks that would typically require specialized professional teams. Our approach is proactive, tackling emerging fraud challenges with future-focused solutions.

Comprehensive Voice and SMS FMS Solutions

While we’ve been a significant force in voice fraud management since 2017, our SMS anti-fraud journey started more recently. In 2023, we launched FOUNDATION FMS, marking our venture into SMS fraud prevention. This recent development is already showing tremendous success, a result significantly influenced by the seven years of experience and refinement we’ve gained through voice fraud management. 

Our AI system, a key feature to our success, effectively detects over 53 million fraud attacks annually and protects $6 million in revenue monthly. Serving 190 global partners, we counter evolving telecom fraud with a remarkable 99.995% detection accuracy.

Consistent Recognition and Innovation

Our dedication to telecom fraud excellence was similarly recognized at the Future Digital Awards by Juniper Research last year, where we were awarded as Platinum Winner for “Best Robocall Mitigation Solution.” Juniper Research’s back-to-back recognition of LANCK Telecom underscores our ongoing commitment to innovative development in the telecom industry.

Thanks to the Organizers

We extend our sincere thanks to Juniper Research’s analyst panel and organizers. Their comprehensive evaluation criteria highlight the high standards of the awards. Being selected by this esteemed panel underscores the excellence of all this year’s winners.

Our Promise

Our mission to combat AGT/AIT and other types of telecom fraud is ongoing. We are committed to continuously enhancing our products, sharing our knowledge, and contributing our expertise to the telecom community, upholding our work as a responsible industry leader.

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