Feb 17, 2020

LANCK Telecom at FASG#16

On February 4-6 2020 LANCK Telecom participated in Fraud and Security Group (GSMA) meeting, hosted by AT&T. Conference featured a lot of topics  like RCS, Internet of Things, device security, yet the largest concern was Robocalls with CLI Spoofing.

Robocalls case is a series of marketing and soliciting calls with recorded voice messages. Combined with CLI Spoofing (substituting international A-Numbers with local numbers), it makes a fraud scenario with direct losses to operators (if billing depends on A-number), tens of thousands of complaints & unsatisfied customers.

This problem ravages mobile world , and already is on the radar of lawmakers & regulators throughout major markets.

At FASG 16 we presented a solution to Robocalls with CLI Spoofing. It is low in cost and maintenance,  with no impact on infrastructure. It matches rules & regulations and also significantly reduces PBX Hacking, False Answer Supervision, Call Stretching, Interconnect Bypass and Wangiri.

We already developed this solution and are accepting early adopters.

If you would like to know more – stay tuned to our blogs on Linkedin & Facebook, or reach out to us directly at fms@lancktele.com