Dec 10, 2019

LANCK Telecom Joins i3forum

As a major player in the anti-fraud industry, LANCK Telecom has always fought against voice traffic fraud. Following the success of the FMS platform and the positive feedback that we received from our partners, we are more than willing to continue the fight and make the telecom market fraud-free.

In our dedication to make a difference, we have recently joined i3forum and its “Fight against fraud” work group.

i3forum is a not-for-profit, membership-funded organization that brings the International Carrier ecosystem together to help define best practices, promote and foster adoption of Industry transformation.

As a member of the forum and the anti-fraud group, we will participate in discussions, share our experience and collaborate to provide industry-wide guidelines on fraud-related matters from both wholesale carrier and enterprise perspectives. LANCK Telecom will also participate in monthly conference calls and attend two physical meetings per year & annual gatherings at ITW.


i3forum welcomes LANCK Telecom – read in their blog.

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