Jun 2, 2021

Pin-to-Speech for B2C

Any B2C business involves interaction with customers. Verification is one of the most common communication methods.

For example, you need to verify clients using short codes. Everyone is familiar with the SMS verification method. But is it the best value for money?

Unfortunately, in many countries the cost of international A2P SMS has increased dramatically over the last months. We can take Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan or Vietnam as examples. This has resulted in the growth of A2P SMS tariffs for the business, 

The costs of SMS verification already exceeds reasonable limits, forcing businesses to look for alternative methods. However, these alternatives are often not reliable or, with all the integrations and manipulations, lead to a comparable cost.


What can be done?


To stay in touch with clients and not suffer financial losses, we recommend paying attention to the Pin-to-Speech technology.

Pin-to-Speech is an elegant solution that does not incur additional costs and is often less expensive than traditional OTP delivery methods.

The client simply receives a phone call, in which a set of numbers are read aloud.

That’s it!


There are three reasons to use this tool:

  1. Commercial: it is now much cheaper than SMS due to higher A2P tariffs. In countries with increased SMS rates, the average cost of a message is €0.07, Pin-to-Speech will cost an average of €0.02. 
  2. Regulatory: due to the overall increase of SPAM messages, mobile operators take extra measures to verify the traffic such as Sender ID pre-registration, URL-whitelisting & the introduction of guarantee letters. This sometimes makes the process of passing SMS traffic too complicated and the business is not welcoming those actions. However such extra measures do not apply to incoming calls
  3. Wider reach. Wtth Pin-2-Speech business can even verify and authorize customers without mobile devices! For example, when mobile battery is done or there is no network coverage. In those cases verification can be done through the good old landline phones.

When using Pin-to-Speech instead of SMS, you can save up to 60 euros per 1000 authorizations.


If you want to optimize your user verification, you can contact us at contact@lancktele.com  – we will find the best solution for you.