Feb 7, 2023

LANCK Telecom Wins Platinum Award at the Future Digital Awards 2023 by Juniper Research

LANCK Telecom is proud to announce that our Fraud Management System (FMS) received the Platinum Award in the “Security & Fraud Innovation” category at the Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2023. The FMS was selected as the Best Robocall Mitigation Solution.

Robocall mitigation is a burning issue worldwide that requires a complex response, and LANCK Telecom’s FMS has proven to be the leading solution. It provides real-time voice traffic protection with our in-house developed AI engine, delivering exceptional accuracy in fraud detection (over 99%). The FMS ensures granular blocking of robocalls, spam, and many other types of fraud without blocking any legitimate traffic.


Thank You to the Organizers and Fellow Telcos

We are more than grateful that our efforts in telecom anti-fraud and voice traffic security have been recognized by the esteemed experts at Juniper Research. 

Our team sends its highest regards and sincere congratulations to the other nominees of the Telco Innovation Award as well. We are thrilled to achieve such honored recognition alongside them.

If you want to learn more about LANCK Telecom’s FMS, please visit our website.


About the Future Digital Awards by Juniper Research 

Since 2008, Juniper Research has been honoring tech companies that have made outstanding contributions to and impacted the future of the industry with the Future Digital Award. Telco Innovation is an award category that aims to recognize and reward the most innovative solutions and services across the telecom, security, and network operator markets.

You can learn more about the award and its organizers here.