Feb 2, 2022

6 Interesting Facts About Business Roaming Packs

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It’s a new era of roaming. Modern business roaming packs are low-cost and convenient. Is your business using one?

Many enterprises need international business roaming packs as they grow and expand their reach. Mobile employees need to access voice, SMS and data from anywhere, as we’re no longer tied to the office. And the demand is rising.

Rising Demand for Roaming

Despite a drop in roaming volumes throughout the pandemic, major areas of the world are reopening and roaming is climbing back. Overall, it’s on the rise and isn’t stopping.

However, the costs and barriers to international connectivity have made business roaming packs more difficult and expensive than they need to be.

Consider the following 6 key facts about roaming.

  1. Kaleido forecasts that the number of 5G roamers will reach 500 mln by 2026.
  2. That’s an annual growth rate of the number of roamers of around 306% over the next 5 years.
  3. Growing roaming demand will be further accelerated by international IoT devices
  4. Many regulators around the world don’t restrict what local service providers charge their customers for accessing overseas networks. 
  5. Data roaming, alone, can cost up to $10 per MB without a managed data business roaming pack.
  6. The money made on roaming is enormous – big networks refrain from reducing their rates.

However, advancements in international connectivity (notably eSIM technology) have cut roaming costs to a fraction of what we’re used to. Today, business roaming packs are convenient and cost-efficient.

Modern Business Roaming Packs – Global, stable, flexible, low-cost

Overseas connectivity has evolved into something unrecognizable when compared to traditional roaming services. Here’s what modern business roaming packs feature:

  • Fast SIM card and eSIM connectivity via 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) that reduce roaming charges by up to 85%
  • Low-cost, mobile hotspot access abroad for business travelers to work without being tethered to free Wi-Fi
  • Flexible network selection algorithms adjusted to the business’ needs (for price/quality priority)
  • Preservation of each team member’s original caller ID
  • Competitive rates for Mobile Data, Voice and SMS
  • Additional data bundles for even cheaper data rates
  • Free foreign numbers
  • Special rates for countries your colleagues travel to most often
  • Trusted roaming solutions with 24/7 Customer Service

These are just the baseline services. 

To be sure your business isn’t wasting money on unmanaged business roaming packs, it’s essential to work with the right roaming partner. 

Business Roaming Packs – LANCK Telecom

LANCK Telecom has more than 20 years of experience providing wholesale voice & SMS termination and international roaming services to hundreds of enterprises.

As a sponsor of global routing, LANCK Telecom can provide business roaming packs with stable coverage and minimum tariffs in almost every country around the world.

We guarantee our enterprise partners:

  • All modern package options: SIM, eSIM, Profile (IMSI)
  • Worldwide coverage on 450+ networks
  • eSIMs that are compatible with all types of corporate products, for traveling, day-to-day use and also with IoT products & solutions
  • Individual packages for your corporation, based on your exact needs (duration, coverage, number of gigabytes, cost)
  • Fulfilling special requests to create individual reports, depending on your exact wishes
  • Fast consideration of applications
  • Flexibility at all stages

By utilizing cutting-edge technology, LANCK Telecom can guarantee stable, low-cost, bespoke global roaming packs for your enterprise at a fraction of the cost of traditional ones.

Get Business Roaming Packs Today

If you’re interested in setting up business roaming packs for your team, or you have any questions, simply contact us today. 

We’re waiting for you. 

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