Apr 23, 2020

Fraud Management System Webinar

Telecom fraud problem becomes a more burning issue each year. It knows no boundaries or countries’ borders. And it is now dangerous not only to operators but also to non-telecom enterprises that use voice services.

That is why we decided to hold a series of Fraud Management webinars for our current and future partners – to offer you protection.

At webinars we will provide you an overview of our anti-fraud solution and tell you about the means to stop telecom fraud.

The sessions will focus on fraud cases and our system that can help you avoid financial, operational & reputational losses caused by fraud attacks. We will give an comprehensive review of our toolbox and provide a detailed training for both telecom operators and enterprises. We will also cover market trends and have a special section for your questions.

The webinars will be led by our Fraud Management System project manager Igor Skutsenya. With years of experience, he has vast expertise in telecom and fraud protection. Igor will deliver a through and well-organized presentation that will help you understand how you can protect your business from fraud, secure your margins and avoid losses.

The webinars are absolutely free and will be launched on a private YouTube channel.

To reserve a seat at the webinar and get more info, please reach us at webinar@lancktele.com

We are looking forward to see you at the event!