May 8, 2020

LANCK Telecom at RAG’s Virtual Conference

The current situation in the world is still such that people should avoid usual offline events such as conferences and forums. Those events matter because main industry players are used to sharing their know-hows, discussing the issues and proposing the ways to solve them. The telco industry still faces several obstacles in its development like fraud that need to be solved. And that is very good that we have the online possibilities to access the virtual productive discussions on the existing challenges.

We are pleased to announce that LANCK Telecom’s COO Sergey Okhrimenko is speaking at RAG’s virtual conference on 13th May, 12.30pm UK time. Sergey will share our proposal for an effective and inexpensive global solution to several kinds of telecoms frauds. Called the ‘A & B Number Handshake’. LANCK Telecom has offered to give the software to other telcos for free, and we are already testing it on real traffic between the USA, Germany and Hong Kong. Add Sergey’s live session to your calendar by clicking here.