Jul 18, 2019

LANCK Cloud-based FMS for Outbound and Inbound traffic

LANCK Telecom’s Fraud Management System (FMS) just got better.

Our partners have been enjoying state-of-the-art fraud protection from our FMS. However, many have been asking for an FMS platform module that would protect all voice traffic, irrespective of the terminating operator. And we listened.

Following this request, we developed a cloud-based FMS solution that independently analyzes the client’s traffic and prevents fraudulent activities in real-time.

Just like the original box-solution FMS, you can rest assured that our cloud-based system monitors all:

  • OUTBOUND traffic and protects you from common fraud schemes such as PBX hacking, IRSF, subscription fraud, mobile malware, arbitrage, etc.
  • INBOUND traffic and analyze it for Wangiri calls and more sophisticated patterns such as robocalls.

Simply put – it’s the same system offering the same level of protection from telecom fraud. Only a different integration method. 

As for the integration process, it’s fast, cost-effective and the system works with the default settings of any provider’s network. 

Below is an illustration of how the cloud-based version is integrated into your system:

lanck fraud management system fms cloud based

LANCK Telecom is pleased to now be offering our advanced telecommunications fraud prevention technology to a greater range of providers who prefer or need an FMS with cloud-based integration. 

To find a detailed outline of LANCK Telecom’s FMS and how it works, feel free to have a look here.

If you’re interested in partnering with LANCK Telecom, getting access to the FMS and protecting yourself and your customers from telecommunications fraud, feel free to contact one of our team members here.

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