Oct 28, 2019

LANCK Telecom Joins CFCA

Fighting international telecom fraud and delivering pure traffic has always been our top priority. Constantly building partnerships and collaborating with other carriers, we strive to make the industry more civilized and fraud-free.

In our dedication to bring safer environment and share our anti-fraud experience, we have recently joined the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).

CFCA is a not-profit International Association committed to risk management, loss prevention and fraud control. The association consists of security and risk management professionals that work together to stop communication fraud.

As a member of the association, we will actively participate in conferences and educational events, where we will be sharing our expertise and throwing light on competencies needed to face emerging fraud challenges.

We will be also present online on the CFCA Information Sharing Forum, bringing up new topics, discussing risk management issues and networking with other association members.


Should you have interest in connecting to the FMS platform, please contact us at fms@lancktele.com.