Dec 3, 2020

LANCK Telecom fraud prevention solution

Modern technologies are developing faster and faster each day. They have made our daily life more streamlined, convenient, and connected.

However, a major challenge exists for these technical innovations – safety. In the 21st century, people need to feel safe not only from physical threats, but from virtual ones as well. The biggest such threat facing telecom today is fraud. It is an ever-evolving danger to users and operators, requiring even faster-evolving solutions to combat it.

LANCK Telecom successfully launched the Fraud Management System more than 3 years ago and it has already become one of the most prized fraud prevention solutions on the market. Its various advantages include:

  • Real-time alerting
  • Easy integration process
  • ML-based fraud detection protocols¬†
  • No conflict with other existing anti-fraud solutions
  • No CDR uploads necessary

We at LANCK Telecom have prepared a whitepaper describing the problem of telco fraud and the cutting edge solutions offered by our real time Fraud Management System. You can get the whitepaper on our Telecom Fraud Prevention Solution page.