Jan 24, 2020

New way to protect your voice traffic

LANCK Telecom’s Fraud Management System is one of the best Anti-Fraud solutions on the market. We are making it even better in December 2019.

Up until recently, our real-time FMS was monitoring SIP signaling only, and had three integration versions:
1. Version with traffic terminated by LANCK
2. Cloud Stand-Alone version;
3. On-Site Stand-Alone version.

Cloud and Stand-Alone ones allowed traffic termination separately from LANCK’s channels. All these options had two real-time modes – alerting only mode and full control mode.

However, some of our partners do not work with SIP signaling, they use SS7 and are not ready to send SIP signaling for monitoring.

On their request we implemented an option for processing SS7 and Accounting messages. From now on, after connection through SS7 and Accounting messages, we provide monitoring of all traffic of our partners in Alerting only mode. This feature is available for Cloud Stand-Alone FMS and On-site Stand-Alone FMS.

Any voice switch is compatible. We look forward to providing our partners with our automatic real time alerting system – either by monitoring SIP signaling, or processing SS7 and RADIUS/DIAMETER messages.

Feel free to ask our team at fms@lancktele.com about this and other features of Fraud Management System by LANCK Telecom.