Jan 10, 2020

Raising Fraud Awareness: Wangiri 2.0 Threat Explained in Interview with Black Swan Telecom Journal

If we spot suspicious activity while monitoring traffic, we always alert our partners about a potential threat. This is our philosophy. And today, these efforts have paid off in several ways.

Interview With Black Swan Telecom Journal

Recently, our work helped us discover a new type of fraud – we called it Wangiri 2.0 (You can learn more about this threat as well as general wangiri fraud detection here.)

And today, our commitment to raising awareness among carriers & businesses paid off in another way.

Reputable online telecom journal Black Swan decided to interview our COO, Sergey Okhrimenko, where they discussed wangiri fraud detection, the Wangiri 2.0 threat, its detection peculiarities and potential consequences for both businesses and carriers.

You can read the full interview on the Black Swan website here.


At LANCK Telecom, we strongly advocate close cooperation between carriers when it comes to fraud detection.

This is why we provide a basic “alerting only” version of our FMS platform for free, so that any carrier, large or small, can immediately see if there’s an attack on their traffic.

This includes: 

  • Wangiri fraud detection
  • Interconnect Bypass
  • Short Stopping
  • Call Stretching
  • Robocalls
  • CLI Spoofing
  • PBX Hacking

And many more types of fraud.

We’re constantly developing and improving the platform, adding new features and responding to feedback provided by our clients. You can learn more about our FMS here.

We are glad that our efforts in the war against fraud are being recognized. We’ll continue to raise awareness among the telecom community and report on emerging threats.

Connect With the FMS Today

Should you have any interest in connecting your business with the FMS platform and getting state-of-the-art protection from fraud today, please contact us here.

One of our specialists will be in touch today.

Meanwhile, enjoy the interview!