Dec 21, 2018

Protect from fraud attacks with an intelligent Fraud Management System by LANCK Telecom

LANCK Telecom is launching an intelligent Fraud Management System (FMS) aimed at reducing fraudulent activities in the telecommunications industry so as to follow the Code of Conduct developed by ITW Global Leaders’ Forum. The deep learning system has been fully tested and is now available for use by telecom carriers worldwide.

LANCK Telecom Anti-Fraud for voice traffic is a signaling-based fraud protection service for retail and wholesale operators who want to protect their networks against any type of fraudulent activities, which lead to unauthorized inflation of international traffic.

Here are the main features of FMS:

  • Real-time protection with automatic detection of the fraud attack parameters
  • FMS Control center: blocking, alerting, reporting policies that can be individually configured by the operator.

“The telecom market suffers from different types of fraudsters trying to parasitize on the carriers’ networks and using them in incorrect dishonest ways,” says Alexei Yanson, the managing Director for LANCK Telecom. “The annual losses worldwide come close to $17 bln and growing. FMS is our contribution to the fight against global fraud. We believe that our system will help the operators prevent financial and reputational damage. Besides, it will add to building mutual trust within the industry. The implementations of our solution already made with some of the industry leaders demonstrated the results that exceeded all our expectations”.

The traffic is monitored in three methods:

  • Proactive monitoring

The method is used to detect fraud preparations on Operator’s network. LANCK Telecom maintains a database of high-risk ranges. Fraudulent call attempts from/to these high-risk ranges are alerted to the Operator and could be barred for a pre-defined period.

  • Behavioral analysis

The in-house machine learning algorithms allow to detect even well-disguised fraud attacks on hubbing & retail traffic and to eliminate them with minimal possible losses. This method is applied in real-time mode. After the parameters of fraudulent traffic are determined, they are alerted to the Operator. Correspondent traffic could be barred for a pre-defined period.

  • Custom threshold-based rules

The operator is allowed to configure any real-time threshold-based rules to monitor the usage and end customers’ behavior. Once the threshold is reached, the incident is alerted to the Operator. All correspondent active calls are broken. Correspondent traffic could be barred for a pre-defined period.

You can request access to the Fraud Management System and get more information on it on the product page.